Dissociative Identity Disorder (Split)



Dissociative identity disorder. A disorder which is highlighted through-out the James McAvoy thriller “Split”. I have recently returned home from one of my favourite hobbies, losing myself within a world of the big screen at the cinema. In particular the types of film that capture my attention are the films that leave you bewildered and questioning your own existence.

Split is a film which is revolving around a gent who has 23/24 different alternative distinct personalities living inside him. It’s a constant battle between these personalities to come to the light (the surface of the man). An interesting element which captured my attention was even though they were different personalizes, once one came to the light it affected his DNA and body structure.  One of his personalities had diabetes, however one was incredible broader then the other personalities. This change his actual body. This changed his DNA. This changed who he was.

Dissociative identity disorder is an actual disorder, not one that has been manifested for the purpose of the film.

We all have mood swings. These are because emotions exist. Some people these mood swings are more intense and I would say I am in this category. Well when I say intense it can flip on a dime, but that’s just who I am. I can happy one moment and then a memory from last Tuesday at 10:04pm can pop up and make my mood flip in an instant.  Nevertheless, these are my ramblings again… what am I getting at here?

The reason I am posting this article is that, D.I.D.

Who is in the wrong during the film, would it be the multiple identities that are living inside of him who have bad tendencies. If so that would be the 4 out of the 25… therefore wouldn’t you just be punishing the 21 for the mistakes from the other 4.

Don’t forget we did leave duel enterprise many years ago.


2 thoughts on “Dissociative Identity Disorder (Split)

  1. Sounds good! Hopefully it will raise some valid and hopefully non commercial hyperbolic awareness of D.I.D. Furthermore does McAvoy get paid for every character he plays!? He could retire now.


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