Turbulent hurricane.

Turbulent path, is what I remember.
Have you ever been on a path, when the road is so wavey you feel like you actually walked past where you began?
I have.
Turbulent path, is what I recall so at this point all I remember is that I ran.
It was a long 8 months, of sleepiness nights and rocky paths but I think I survived,
however 8 months gone I was asked if I am alive?
Oh no.. the face I was holding is slipping and the truth is coming out, where do I go where do I run?
when did I ever stop to have some fun?
but that doesn’t matter, I broke down, the face, the path the life came crashing down all around me..
The turbulent hurricane has began.
my life stopped. And I didn’t have a plan.
Are you ok? What has happened? Talk to me are the questions I hear
don’t worry, is the response they have to adhere.
Turbulent winds have come and gone and I survived,
don’t get me wrong I am still sleep deprived.
but to my surprise and I was horrified
but the turbulent hurricane has only just arrived.


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