Birmingham City Football Club vs QPR

Yes… it’s took me all weekend to really come to terms with this loss. I have been a BCFC from Birth. Bought to games in my childhood by my hero my Father. & yes I have continued to go into my adult years. I try to bring the younger generations with me. In particular a little friend of mine who is a new blue. I decided to interview him after the 4-1 loss about the game..Let’s see how this goes…

Myself: Ok;

SO first, talk to me about your pre match rituals ?

Friend: Oh ok, so I wake up and start to get that funny feeling in my belly, a feeling of nerves and excitement. Then I get up and put on some football related songs to get me pumped, I then start chanting a load of abusive unnecessary chants around the house. I then get ready and message the lads to see where everybody is meeting, then I’ll get out the door and meet the lads and make our way to the wonderful stadium that is called St Andrews.
Me: haha brilliant. What’s your favourite thing about match day?
Friend: When you get through the kiosk and make your way to the seats, seeing the pitch and sprinklers on the pitch is a magical feeling, always has been. Exspecially a night game under the floodlights. 
Me: Couldn’t agree more. Give us your verdict of today’s match ?
Friend: Mate it was dreadful wasn’t it. Wasn’t even good football, terrible performance against a very poor side. Cogley looked like the only decent player out there today until he got took off at half time.
Me: What would you change?
Friend: The manager for a start 😂
Me: Howabout team wise?
Friend: The players need to relax a bit more and start scoring some goals, having Sinclair up front isn’t enough, the kids got talent but not showing it in the games I don’t think which is a bit frustrating. Got a good defence but since Zola has took over they look a bit shaky at the back.Conceding 4 at home is a joke
Me: Couldn’t agree more. How would you library up next game… final question

Friend: It’s a tough one as coming up against a team with a good squad and a derby so they’ll be up for it but they’re not really in good form at the moment themselves are they  

The team he chose was: 


Nsue, Shotton, Robbo and Keita.

Stewart, Gardener, Sinclair


Che and Juke.

Thank you very much for the interview Shaun and thanks for reading. up the blues and keep right on.


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