Half Term 

The Sunday. The Sun-day..THE SUND-AY. SUNDAY. the word. the word however it is spelt strikes fear into the heart of a teacher. The knowledge your weekend of freedom is done. The day spent in bed doesn’t seem like a good idea now as you still haven’t mark3d those books, ironed those shirts or even showered. This is when you remember today you as requested back to the 5 period day with lunch break dut….BUT NO. 
IT IS HALF TERM. Hold the celebration… for you non educators out there it is not a week off. We do spend the time planning next terms unit of work, planning the lessons and finding ways to make the curriculum accessible for all learners. So please don’t give me an earache… and if you want to try calling me… I’ll be on the beach in Barcelona… ✌
oh yes. It’s half term..
no more alarm. Let’s unwind.


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