a pleasent ole trip

It’s been a glorious 2 days in Liverpool exploring the scenery and breathing in the liverpudlian atmosphere. I may not of told you before but I have a keen eye for staring at strangers and people watching… I have been observing the public over this short break and the one outtake I have and knowledge learnt from the liverpudlian folk are. “Togetherness”. There is a real “Togetherness” of the people in Liverpool. They seem be very similar in personality and dress strongly alike but it seems if you mistreat one you have an  army to answer for…

Never mind that though. We have been to fair few places the past few days, Checked out multiple museums; the world museum, The Walker,  The Liverpool Museum and finished with The Beatles Museum in record time.

Our trip was finished rather fondly last night watching the Academy Award nominated film The Lion. Tremendous. An absolute beautiful story which left me loosing myself within the beautiful story of personal discovery. 
Anyway… catch you next time. 


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