A weekend of activities.

It’s funny really, I look back over my weekend when it is a Sunday night. I try to figure our what I do with my time and how I spend the unwinding..
I’ll start you off with a friday night watching my beloved Birmingham City Football.Club put in a performance of the highest standard against Leeds United in which we lost 3-1. The issue was the capabilities of getting the goals. Oh and it would help if the ref opened their eyes but hey that’s just me. 
My Saturday I spent some time with my father.. which I must admit is very precious to myself and I do enjoy spending time with this man who I look up to. We had breakfast and spent the morning chatting, followed by this I met up with a dear friend from university by catching the film Logan and grabbing lunch with some catch up. This was certainly needed.
If you ask.me about my Sunday I wouldn’t be able to explain to you the productivity of this day as I spent most of my day, napping and procrastinating. If I roughly want to work out how many hours I procrastinate it would be near 5 hours of the day… Wasn’t the greatest however that’s what Sundays are for and I did manage to get my work done for the next week of educating minds anì d I did briefly get to see my Mother which is always a bonus. 
Keep it real. #sundaycatchup


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