Sorry this is a rant…

Right, today I have spent the day in London on a CPD course about understanding in more depth the 4 areas of SEN. The course as a whole was brilliant and I learnt loads. A large majority of the day I was around primary school sencos. 

I was mortified at my findings about the final year of primary education. My memories of primary school was fun lessons, which I learnt through play with my friends, getting involved in leaver assembles and hard boiled egg competitions when easter was around the corner. But no… these days enjoyment has gone. it has turned into a construction line to the secondary school. lines and lines of mathematic and English students are coming off this front line to.our secondary school. Now.what do you mean by this? well I was informed all they did in year 6 is maths and English. Yes. just maths arendnd English! at the age of 10 their day is Maths ad English! what the flying fuck.  Age 10!  Where is Music? Art? Drama?! anything! This no.longer exists within this conservative reign. Teachers are too worried that performance is linked to pay. Teach to the test they call it. They have families too…. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. 10 year olds are forced to swallow this hard curriculum..No wonder the statistics of depression in the younger generation is on the rise. This must change. 


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