My wee break

I am now nearly a week down in my Easter two week break. It’s flying by. I don’t know if it is because I am sharing it with someone so every other day  I have plans.  That  must be the reason for the break going so quickly. 

I thought i would catch you up with what i have been up to and any passing thoughts that have been troubling my mind. 

I have spent a beautiful night away in Ross on Wye which Naomi and I explored a butterfly zoo and i got beat… At mini golf which I still believe is a joke. If you are wondering what the image attached to this post is, I’ll answer that through this. I went to BCFC vs Rotherham. Ticket £18 petrol £35 snacks and day £15. £68 to see us get get schooled  by a shit team. On the plus side I nipped in to a art gallery which you’ll see the picture of attached.

My thought is; how soon is too soon? 


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