Oh how ive missed you

Sorry ny beloved blog, its been a while. Alot has happened since the last blog.

Let me tell me give you a wee lesson of love, but not human love but animal. By now a large amount of humans know about penguins and their desire for the opposite sex by presenting them with a stone they search the entire beach for. But let me talk to you about a seabird an Albatross. This bird has the correct approach towards love. In my opinion anyway. They sit back ans watch their elders an how they approach their partner. Consider this it takes them 10 years to reach sexual maturiry and still dont rush into it. They sit back once they reach 10. They learn; dancing, vocalization and dating rituals.  This bird then sets off on a journey. A journey of dancing with multiple partners year after year until they find their right partner. They will wait.

However once they find their partner they develop their own language, which becomes part of their mating ritual. This i find we do with our own vocabulary we use between our partners, which makes each relationship special.

The reason i say this. An i am putting it out there for you all to read is to learn from this bird. Love is a journey and worth the searching. I love you. 


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