About time…

Ok… this is quite painful but it needes to be said.

This is about my journey on a hurricane.

The funny thing about myself is that i am a teacher and a trained actor however i am painfully reserved. What do i mean reserved i am reserved….. about my mind.

Let me talk to you about my month. Actually It started a few months ago really, and i enteted a hurricane. The reason i say i entered  a hurricane is that i met someone who took my breath away and swept me off my feet, i fell in love and allowed myself to fall, i entered the storm and i didnt want to leave. The hurricanal romance began and i had the best few months off my life, i shared my life, i shared my home and i shared my mind. The most sacred part of any of human being. I have one thing that is important to me as my mind and that is my family. I allowed my family to be part of my journey with this hurricane. But as good as a storm is, its bound to pass and my hurricanal romance has ended.  

This led me to.my last month, ive had a strange june this month. Begins with the passing off the storm, then comes the smashing of my car and finally the most painful…dealing with the after affects of my journey with a hurricane.  Where is my aid? This was by far one of the worse.  

However i found my peace, this storm has showed me a lifelong lesson and that is allow people to take me on a journey and enter the storm, yes i may be blown over but the worst thing that can happen is i get wet with tears but once that is over ill always see the rainbow at the end. 

Thank you Hurricane..for the memories and the love.


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