That sick cold 

Yes today is my birthday. A fantaatic birthday it has been surrounded bymy nearest and dearest.  My day has been rocked by a downpour of confusion. I am left pondering upon my actions and the footpaths i need to take, which way to turn i do not know. My mind is like… a bowl of … More That sick cold 

My wee break

I am now nearly a week down in my Easter two week break. It’s flying by. I don’t know if it is because I am sharing it with someone so every other day  I have plans.  That  must be the reason for the break going so quickly.  I thought i would catch you up with … More My wee break


Every morning i look at myself in the mirror and think to myself i am looking more and more like dad each day!  These mannerisms are becoming quite noticeable, for example becoming house proud and increasing the amount of candles I have in one’s house and the other is through my car. CLEANED AND SMELLING … More Dad

skulls island

King Kong skull Island.. Is there anyone out there? Whenever I finish these movies, it always leaves a parting thought in my mind about being alone on this planet. Together Alone. I understand the oxymoron leaves you considering that we can’t be alone if we are together as a planet but each year we discover … More skulls island