A real hole in one.

I’ve had such a beautiful day with beautiful people. Football golf anyone? I’ve spent today playing football golf. I finish 5 above par I think, which wasn’t too bad as I haven’t kicked a ball in a year. Harborne Golf Course..a recommendation for only £6 per person. Dale and shnuk joining the jolly crewm it’s … More A real hole in one.


If someone is searching for reassurance just do it. As we don’t need to know the reason why. Them wanting it should be enough. Anxiety running thick.

Just one more thing

A very large thing has happened this past year. The birth of my niece. I have never been so proud of one person in all my life then I was meeting my.noece Monica. A beautiful little girl with a beautiful life ahead of her. I am one very proud uncle and a even prouder brother.

A week in the life

It’s funny… been a right old funny week. England through to the last 16, my mind and brain been put in a blender mashed together again and on the plus side my teaching work been correctly sampled. That putrid smell of confusion is still lingering in the air. BUT… TOMMOROW is a new day all. … More A week in the life

One year on

It’s been one year on since my last point, well just under 1 year. Funny how times have changed? Has it? That neverending rollercoaster of life. But here I am in all my black and white glory. Let’s see what is next.